Summary of Services

Here's just a short list of the many ways we can help and support you!

• Audit medical bills
• Balance checkbooks and update        ledgers
• Make deposits
• Notarize documents
• Pay bills
• Write checks
• Power of attorney
• Personal representative services
• Assist in compiling tax documents      for preparation by a CPA
• Oversee payment of taxes and          insurances
• Read and sort mail
• Provide case management      services

“I am so happy to have you in my camp…Please know that I am grateful beyond words.  The work you’re doing is surely rewarding to you….I encourage you to notice the positive effect you have on others.  You are helping me in a big way.” 
- D. N.

“Thank you for being so nicely involved in our lives.”

S. D.

Professional Services

Feeling overwhelmed? Today, it can be difficult and time consuming to navigate through the daily paperwork, accounting, bills, legal documents, medical decisions and more. Whether your needs are large or small, MCP & Bookkeeping Services, Inc. can provide help to make your life easier.  Here's how our professional staff can help!

Banking, Bookkeeping & Bill Paying

Our highly trained staff will balance your check books, handle banking and assist you in writing monthly bills. This service is offered on a regular basis or during your vacations.

Case Management

Skilled at overseeing the supervision of someone in our care and their estate to include the sale of property, homes and automobiles. Final arrangements can be made with our assistance. We work very closely with families to help watch over their loved ones when family members can't be there.

Correspondence & Telephone Assistance

We'll provide secretarial skills need to manage your affairs while offering comprehensive documentation for all of the services rendered.


Our two Certified Professional Guardians have over 20 years experience to provide full or limited legal guardianship for those who are no longer able to care for themselves. The court defines the aspects of the individual's care management, appoints and oversees the guardian.

Insurance Claim Audit & Medical Payments

Each month on your behalf, we help determine what medical bills need to be paid, reconcile your charges and payments, submit claims to your Medicare supplement insurance and audit payments to care providers.

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Our professionals offer assistance in either your home or our office. We work in cooperation with attorneys, doctors, CPAs, hospitals, VA, banks, and states agencies to provide the very best in services.

All of MCP's services are performed with the utmost confidentiality and we are well known for the compassion we show our clients.

For more information, please contact Michele Penberthy at
or call 360-943-5071.