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MCP & Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

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MCP: 360-943-5071

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We are committed to each individual under our management to find practical, frugal and legal-based solutions for every challenge or conflict that may arise.

Our varied backgrounds, skills and compassion are the right combination needed to give an elderly person or their family members the security and peace of mind needed during this critical phase of life.

Michele and her staff are trained professionals equipped to provide their clientele with clear and informed choices to effectively manage their elder care issues.

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About us

Michele Penberthy, CPG, became one of the first Certified Professional Guardians in our area in the early 90s.  In 2001, she established Senior Guardianship Services, LLC, a Washington State Certified Professional Guardianship Agency.  Sarah Feldman, CPG, joined the companies that year as Office Manager and Certified Professional Guardian.

Our companies have assisted this fragile population over the years with financial, medical, social and personal matters.  We have gained the experiences needed to act as advocate, case manager, bookkeeper, personal representative, power of attorney or guardian on our client's behalf.

Certified Professional Guardians

Our Guardians are certified by the Washington State Supreme Court.  Yearly continued education and training is mandatory to remain certified.


MCP & Bookkeeping Services, Inc. and Senior Guardianship Services, LLC are licensed, bonded and insured.